About us

After 15 years in which the Romanian electronic music scene evolved  in attitude and artistic awareness, a critical mass of producers took  shape, from which new values can grow. Until now, the majority of them  have been working by themselves and sharing their music only in small  circles. The public is not aware of their existence and does not  perceive them as an artistic movement of any kind. This lack of  communication and perspectives (the chance to be heard by a bigger  audience, to have local and international success, to be appreciated,  supported and promoted) discourages any future producers that are  thinking to choose this direction.

Local Records appears in this context, a promoting platform that  wants to create an artistic community of mutual interests and to  discover new Romanian sound by encouraging producers which currently  don’t have the stimuli to persevere and show their true potential. The  Romanian scene is young and fresh. It has lived its childhood and just  started its creative adolescence. Native producers found their proximal  genre and are already expressing their specific differences – this is  the road to originality and authenticity. They integrate their  environment and personal history into their work. In local conditions,  they manage to create an authentic sound based on global considerations.  We’re not trying to theorize it, we are underlining its emergence.