[LCL10] Karpov not Kasparov – Soundtrack for a Game of Chess

A classical opening fantasia followed by the stormy march of the pawns and then by a dancing ode to Kaissa (the godess of chess) after which follows a moment of groovy tension under the pressure of Time, followed by the story of The Turk, an XVIIIth century chess-playing machine that was eventually exposed as an elaborate fake (after 50 years of glory and victories over Napoleon and Benjamin Franklin among others) and finally followed by a vivid piece of musical irony called Deep Fritz after the German version of Deep Blue which was the first modern-times machine ever to defeat a human player (G. Kasparov in 1997).

Every piece of music you hear on this short-version digital soundtrack was played and crafted by the human hand.

art by acme
master by rufi

Posted on November 24th, 2011 | 2 Comments

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Karpov not Kasparov