[LCL06] Haute Culture – Chordial

The”Chordial” EP is made of 4 tracks covering completely different styles bearing only one common trait: warm harmonies. Mihai Dobrica has been working on it for the full past year and the russian artist Anton Zap is his inspiration. The tracks have been produced by Alex Pop and masterised by Stefan Mihailescu. The EP is supported by Burn Studios.

Post, a tracks that seems to have been created especially for friendly, yet slightly bitter DJs, present a groove specific to breaks, with detroit tones and Jupiter harmonies. After all, the whole Chordial EP, strongly influenced by Anton Zap, has a strong beat that forces you to dance.

Erinnerung means memento in german and has been built around Nina Simone’s voice taken from “The Other Woman” with all its 90’s sentimental luggage: half empty white wine glasses, half smoked cigarettes while visiting some almost familiar people, mornings drowned in too much booze and confusion as sinful and blissful clubbing sessions.

Gladias has its certain techno je ne sais quoi added to a violin sample plus a maelstrom of carefully selected musical spices. Enjoy irresponsibly!

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