[LCLR01] Bogdan Marcu – Mashapist Shef Buzz.Ro! 2010

Bogdan Marcu opens a new series of local digital releases, LOCAL REMIXES, with the Mashapist Shef EP, a mash-up of all the 17 tracks on the Buzz.RO! 2010 compilation, released in March and reissued in 2000 copies three months later by the same label, with the support of the Romanian Cultural Institute.

This would not have been possible without using Creative Commonce licenses, with provide the artist with free management of his copyright. Therefore, all Local Records releases can be shared, mixed, remixed or sampled, and artist collaboration is stimulated.

Bogdan Marcu’s way, always winding and surprising, is a never-ending trip. Without following the formalities of any particular style, his aesthetics is a joyous manifestation of the postmodernist principles, according to which the information flows that bomb us everyday always gain new connotations, the moment it is divided into pieces and recontextualized. Using any sampling source he finds relevant – always form a subjective point of view – and ready to recycle, Bogdan Marcu’s music is overwhelming like a roller coaster ride which does not give one the time to prepare for the next turn, the speed of the unfolding events sometimes resembling breakcore, happy hardcore or hard-techno. All this without the beats’ tributariness to any classical genre and without the final result’s being just another adrenaline-infused megamix.

Bogdan Marcu passes each and every element through his personal laboratory, where the samples he uses are subjected to such powerful mutations, that most of the times not even the original authors could recognize their own works anymore. An authentic act of dissemination, strongly rooted in the early avant-gardes, as well as in contemporary aesthetics. Almost impossible to include in one particular niche only, Bogdan Marcu’s music is like a living organism, which one gets to understand along its chronic lack of attention, its impossibility to focus on one sound only and, maybe of the utmost importance, its media hyperactivity (cultural ADHD?).

The Localrec artists have provided the Chief-Mashapist a series of relevant tracks for the early beginnings of the Creative Commons movement in Romania, which can be found on the Buzz.RO! 2010 compilations, and the artist mixed them until they became hardly recognizable. Given the context where open licensed cultural products are just emerging, the final result is a postmodernist manifesto which we cannot overcome unless we understand that we are the media, which we can use / recycle any kind of content, no matter how glitchy or distorted the outcome may be.

As restless as its first few seconds, the entire Mashapist-Shef EP remains unpredictable even after several listening sessions, with one’s attention set on MAX levels and one’s brain forged as to decode each and every detail.

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