[LCL03] Ion – Schutzhaft* / September 2010

The EP’s title and track names are some sort of a game in these depressing political times, when all ideologies have failed and the last utopia is a morbid capitalism that pretends to be alive and kicking while being completely dead.

Club music and especially techno have removed any political dimension out of the underground electronic music; the lifestyle that encompasses the clubbing today is, as Terre Thaemlitz was saying, sort of tribal escapism. We burn our anxieties with 4/4 marches, we linger in mindlessness under the cover of good base lines and mean substances. Surprising soundscapes made with refined textures and distant repetitive melody, with real psychedelia and bits of surviving soul, all these are required in this environment in order to attempt superficial meditation, one without a mystical core.

Despite being club oriented with touches of dub techno and deep house, this EP attempts to reach a higher, more complex and edgy musical goal: 90% of it is made using audio sources and instruments collected through a lot of years and I tried to profit from all their imperfections and limitations.

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