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sunday by vladcaia

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Liseberg rocks Random#9 in Shibuya, Tokyo

My friend Hiro (Hiroaki OBA, the guy on the sequencing) sent me this video of his band doing a live cover of my track Random#9. Great drumming (Takashi Suzuki) and percussion (Tatsuya Nakamaru) by his fellow mates! Greatly done guys!

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Vlad Caia

After living in Norway for the past 6 years, Vlad Caia manages to transform the ambience of a Northern European cityscape into a hedonist and nostalgic house groove. Under the right conditions, his heavy bass will cause trip and damage. He released and licensed so far on labels such as Horizontal, Cocoon, DSOR, Next Dimension Music to name a few.  Subsonic, tight grooves locked together in percussive finery. The only release is the embedded deepness of Vlad Caia’s over harmonized pads that seem to slip away into the rhythm. Repetition is key for the absentminded house grooves to kick in. You could walk on them like jelly without loosing one dance beat. Smooth dancing under the club lights, his sound is correct. Nevertheless, half abstract and half abrasive, Vlad Caia will not stop luring you deeper and deeper.

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[LCL00] Buzz.RO 2010 / March 2010