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Interview: The Model

[LCL05] The Model – Principles of Modelling – coming out november 22nd

The Model – I Am Always In Your Mind

1. What’s the idea behind your Local EP, Principles of Modelling?
M: In the last 2 or 3 years I came up with a series of tracks that were at the same time melodious, dark and driving. Or they had two of these attributes. Then I thought of synthesizing an EP, a concentrated collection of up to 5 tracks that would present the way I see the atmosphere at a fashion show, on its backstage. You might call them personal reflections on this matter, various states of mind I thought you may encounter in this world. It’s a purely subjective vision, of course, one that is dark and intense with a vibrant soundtrack behind.

2. I know that you like to make music starting from a concept or a story. Some people would start cursing when asked about it, I guess it’s just a difference in the creative process. Tell me how do the stories and ideas from other fields help you create music.
M: I always had a concept for what I made: everything I made for Underl_ne London was inspired by Isaac Asimov, the last release at Gigolo and the album I’m currently working on are inspired by my very own concept of Dark Techno Baroque. The reason for that is quite clear: I have my own vision, a subjective and intense one, about the way my music should sound. If you listen to my tracks, you will recognize a certain sound coming from the synths and the filters I use and from the way I arrange my tracks.

3. By the way, which are the principles of modelling?
M: I really do modeling when playing at the club. Not necessarily just by the way I dress, but by the way I make an appearance. This is my principle: a transformation, showing to the people that part of yourself that you aspire to become, if you like. For me, The Model is not an utopia, it’s not a perfect body, but a state of mind and a state of spirit that one aspires to, not just 3 numbers of the main dimensions. That’s why, on the catwalk, the really good models assume and play a role, that’s what castings are for, to choose those models that will give life to the character behind the clothes. When you live at home the same way you live at the club, you’ll achieve the Transformation, you’ll become The Model, you’ll become The Incarnation

4. Who did you work with for your EP? Who’s voice is there?
M: The voice you hear on Six Days of Heat belongs to the vocal from My Favorite RObot, a Canadian band. They are the guys I worked this year for a few times: the remix I did for the was featured as the main track on the HUGOBOSS website. For Damen, I had as wingman my good friend Camil Dumitrescu who has also done all the photos for the CD’s artwork. The mastering has been done by another good friend, Victor Mihailescu. By the way, he’s the author of the I Am Always On Your Mind remix.

5. So far you’ve been releasing at major, serious, even old labels who sell music. How come we succeeded in convincing you to do something under a Creative Commons license?
Having complete control over the concept, the artwork, having full creative freedom are the reasons for this. Freedom of expression allowed me to choose the tracks for the EP, so I put together those tracks I felt were bound by the EP’s concept

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Localrec Showcase / Vice Launch Party

Introducing the next 4 releases at the Vice Launch Party at Embrio this friday. They are: [LCL03] Ion – Schutzhaft (out in september), [LCLR01] Bogdan Marcu – Mashapist Shef (out in november in our new series of remixes), [LCL05] The Model – Principles Of Modelling (coming out in the second part of november) and [LCL06] by Karpov Kasparov (which is to be recorded live at this event).

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The Model @ Fluc Wanne Vienna, LocalRec.RO Showcase

The Model – DJ Set @ Fluc Wane, Vienna – Local Records Showcase – 17.09.10-1 by Local Records

17 of September 2010

LocalRec.RO Showcase @ Fluc Wanne Vienna in cooperation with Tjumy Records & The Usual Suspects, presented by FM4 La Boum Deluxe

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The Model @ LocalRec.RO Bucharest Showcase

At Fabrica’s LocalRec showcase there were 5 people trying to have a good game, to surprise our adversary on counter-offensive by using a high bpm and a creative and spectacular, yet technical and refined game. We proved our selves to be a great team, the audience confirmed it too, even if we saw some fans dancing on Ion‘s bpm. We tried to substitute them with some extras, after we found out they were on the wrong drugs, but our tactics of overwhelming pressing plus a good disc possession made the clock run in our advantage. We won and now have high spirits for our match away in Vienna.

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[LCL05] The Model – Principles of Modelling

[LCL00] Buzz.RO 2010 / March 2010