New Album: Suie Paparude – E suflet in aparat

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Label: Cat Music
Release Date: September 23rd 2010

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Suie Paparude

The guys from Suie Paparude are electronic music pioneers in Romania. They were here before digital, back when sound was still raw. Their first releases are noisy, electro dysfunctions. They got as industrial as it gets, added a layer of elderly catchiness and remained one of the most popular bands to date.

In 2006 they performed in front of 20 000 at the Liberty Parade, on the black Sea Coast and played at every edtion of the whole 9th of the TMBase Festival. So far, they had release parties for all their albums at one of the centers of Bucharest nightlife, Studio Martin. They managed to keep a  group of people who respect them for what music they used to release close and managed to branch out to a much bigger fan-base.

In 2008 they performed alongside Goldfrapp in one of a series of festivals that they attended that summer, their groove fit in the open air like a glove. Since ’93, you can tell that their sound has grown and morphed into music that appeals more to the crowd than the niche, but Suie Paparude nevertheless satisfies. Elder electro.

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