Easterndaze – January shizz

Sillyconductor’s take on Dvorak on Easterndaze’s latest installment

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Don’t Miss ROCHIȚE in London

Not that you’d notice, but there’s this mythical creature that’s been haunting the dance scene for a while… Hidden from the naked eye by a huge paraphernalia of orthodox visuals, the ROCHIȚE monster has been secretly studying playgrounds for hundreds of years. There’s nothing more terrifying than silence so he’s genuinely interested in childhood’s nonsense lyrics and always happy to dial a beat with his long finger. Half animal, half ghost, ROCHIȚE is a white dot suspended between dark blue and dark green, as he’s woven his sound from the weirdest melange of drumified field recordings, brutal underwater singing, symphonic samples, vintage drum machines and Romanian folk music. Healthy dance music, that’s what it is!

8th of October / The Hobby Horse / visual by Dreamrec / details here

ROCHITE live at Rokolectiv 10_Bucharest from videogram on Vimeo.

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Sillyconductor is a Romanian artist that inhabits the strange twilight between dance music and conceptual art. Using his MPC for colliding and overimposing symphonic micro-samples, he builds heavily textured rhythmic operas, be it for fashion shows, mute films, contemporary dance events or even ringtones. His latest works have been getting a lot of attention: entirely acoustic dance music with classical percussion, brass, woodwinds, glassharmonica and even a pinch of soundtrack samples, modified beyond recognition. Sillyconductor has also been putting Chinese technology to good use, by recreating Poeme Symphonique (Gyorgy Ligeti’s metronome extravaganza), with 100 golden maneki-neko cats, or improvising on USB fans connected to guitar pedals.

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[LCL00] Buzz.RO 2010 / March 2010