Makunouchi Bento

In 2001, Waka X and Qewza set the foundation for the Makunouchi Bento experimental project (“lunchbox”, in Japanese). While one of them is strongly influenced by IDM, the other one has a fetish for primitive computing – spectrum, c64, amiga, atari. Their lunchbox can hold all musical styles and genres and every possible experiment or cliché. With or without rhythm, with or without noise, the guys from Makunouchi Bento process organic sound until it surprises. They transplant old and catchy cliches into exotic contexts. Their focus of their music is on how different elements follow one another to sustain a party to its peak. Repetition is key, and syncopated beats are there to back that up. Waka X and Qewza are also the founders of one of the first electronic festival in Romania, TM Base, that reached it’s 10th edition this year. They’ve been releasing since 2002, on several netlabels and you can find and download their music for free, on the internet, with a Creative Commons license.

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Flika and other news

Flika, our “homeless” split-EP with Selfmademusic and Bleep (now known as Autorotation), first released back in March 2006 via TMBase, is now available again thanks to Free Music Archive. 3 tracks built around a theme written by Makunouchi Bento, something between experimental electroacoustic music, trip-hop and shoegaze. High-resolution artwork included. Enjoy!
Flika at Free Music Archive

Other news:

Swimé has been nominated by No.3 for nthe best romanian album of 2010. Here’s the full list of nominees!

Our track “Anchorshaped Siren” has been featured by Babylon Noise for the MAP project.
Every month, MAP (Music Alliance Pact) asks 35 music bloggers across the world to share a track from their home country that they think you should hear. Then the results are posted on those 35 blogs on the 15th of each month, downlo…adable in one file or playable one by one on each blog.
Babylon Noise
The Guardian

And bonus, here’s an audio recording of the second half of our live act in Košice:
Makunouchi Bento live at Easterndaze Night Košice (27/11/2010) by easterndaze
Read the original article by EasternDaze

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Free downloads!

Our slightly old “Millano Brothers IV” EP (released back in March 2008 via TMBase) is now available again thanks to Free Music Archive. Fancy imaginary soap operas? Here’s your perfect soundtrack!

A tribute to B Movies & VHS exclusives.
Very few people knew the fact that Makunouchi Bento have scored one of the most obscure imaginary movies in the history of VHS exclusives: Millano Brothers IV. The magnetic tapes (thought to be permanently lost) were accidentally found by one of the guys’ grandmother in an old macaroni box in her attic, and are now brought to your attention. Out of the 10 hours of original material, we’ve selected 3 songs, marking 3 important moments in the movie.

Listen / Download

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Makunouchi Bento Interview on Remixta

the rest of the interview here

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[LCL00] Buzz.RO 2010 / March 2010

Time Out Bucharest 2007:

“Wonder how it would be like to close your eyes and wake up in Alice’s Wonderland? And then you open them to find yourself surrounded by the world of LaChapelle …”


“Swimé, probably one of the best Renoise related albums from this year. One of the most interesting Ambient albums of all time. Filled with atmospheric textures and strange sounds from very wide spectrum of superb acoustics.”