Norzeatic & Khidja – Aici Acum

Grupul Norzeatic-Khidja pregăteşte, în cadrul proiectului său spaţial, lansarea modulului Aici acum, anunţă specialiştii. Modulul a primit undă verde după ce s-a aflat timp de mai mulţi ani în cercetare şi teste. Este prima dintr-o serie de misiuni programate în acest sfârşit de an în locaţii de pe teritoriul ţării.

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Poor Relatives New Site

Ladies & Gentlemen,

With the best of the intentions, we would like to introduce you to our new playground, the poor relatives’ website:

Since it’s all about family in here, we will try to connect like-minded people from different areas in order to give you a little bit of variety and the usual semi dark mellow tone. Some of them will do showcases, others will rub the mint, but it’s all love.

And for these, we have the fallowing columns: Mixoligian / ADSR / Tschussy Feng / Poster Boy / Top Ten

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Poor Relatives have been gigging and organizing exclusive parties in Bucharest under the name Khidja for almost a decade. They play deep disco and house, mostly 80’s – 90’s stuff, Detroit techno and even towards new wave, progressive rock and Latin or Arabian rhythms early in the morning.

Their sound is all about the groove – warm and sleazy, made for sweaty bodies dancing together at a rooftop party high above the city’s grey streets. It’s down right obvious why they spun together with the likes of Moodymann, Idjut Boys, Tim Sweeney, In Flagranti and DJ Spun – they play music that people can relate to. Social music, nothing absurdly complex, they manage to place the funk and groove in the spotlight.

Their ascendant pathway to glory in Bucharest’s hectic nightlife led them to perform at Rokolectiv Festival in 2010 and to explore the possibilities of sweaty and deep club music even further. Word of advice, wear something sleazy.

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[LCL07] Poor Relatives EP / July 2011

[LCL00] Buzz.RO 2010 / March 2010