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Karpov not Kasparov

A project born in 2009 as a musical game of action and reaction between the drum machine and the vintage synth. Several moniker versions were used through the years: Karpov vs Kasparov, Karpov & Kasparov, KarpovKasparov or Trio Karpov Kasparov.
The duo soon incorporated an analog visual artist and two contemporary-art performers. Thus resulted an experimental show of theatrical act performed on the spot with a live, real-time soundtrack. Many of these shows were hosted in rather unconventional locations like a barber shop, a  public library, a restaurant kitchen or a shoe store.
In autumn 2011 the disc label LocalRecords released an electronic EP called ‘Soundtrack for a Game of Chess” under the name Karpov not Kasparov. ┬áThe EP was soon considered among the best musical works of the year by Radio Romania Cultural and Radio Europa Libera and then was declared ‘the album of the month’ by Vice Magazine.
In spring 2012 the project resurrected on the local scenes in a succession of live shows. Deeper vibes of energy were reported at gigs due to the addition of live drums on the stage.

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[LCL18] Karpov not Kasparov – Soundtrack for a Game of Chess part two

[LCL10] Karpov not Kasparov – Soundtrack for a Game of Chess