Both a conceptual artist and a performer, when it comes to live shows, to music and music production, Ion is guaranteed to conquer your attention in a total different way. He’s delicate and determined. He doesn’t know where the road goes but he’ll drive you gently in an ambient spawned by classical music, blues, 60′s garage rock, all that immersed  in electronic soundscapes with dub, tehno and a little bit of disco as hints for where his music can be integrated.

A persevering self taught artist, Ion based himself on the bass on almost all his works that have been released at Patpong and DubKraft Records. He loves experimenting in his “n-am studio”. He plays, in the ludic sense of the verb, various instruments in a psy-rock band, has started going on field recording trips and one time he surprised all of us with a sound investigation of Romania’s most important medium before the RO revolution: the radio. What he did was to perform a live session of radio wave manipulation, sampling and filtering, completely avoiding the FM range. Noise and trance on air!

In Sepember, Ion has released with Local Records an EP. Deep, smooth, reflexive, adding a constant mix of electronic styles on a clear and recognizable techno structure.

In the Minus&Ion project, the first one is in charge of the effects and percussion. The second one plays a bass guitar or synth and the added distortion. The mixture is decisive and powerful. Ion’s guitar gimmicks give the music its driving edge and groove while Minus’s percussive layering builds a rhythmical framework in which you can’t wait to test your dancing routine. It doesn’t sound like Minus’s usual music and it doesn’t sound like Ion’s. Their added sound comes from another dimension – an improvised hybrid intended to make your body move and the mind to trip.

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Localrec Showcase / Vice Launch Party

Introducing the next 4 releases at the Vice Launch Party at Embrio this friday. They are: [LCL03] Ion – Schutzhaft (out in september), [LCLR01] Bogdan Marcu – Mashapist Shef (out in november in our new series of remixes), [LCL05] The Model – Principles Of Modelling (coming out in the second part of november) and [LCL06] by Karpov Kasparov (which is to be recorded live at this event).

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Ion – Shutzhaft, review on Heineken ElectroLab

“Se spune ca a treia oara e cu noroc, iar acest proverb se dovedeste adevarat si in cazul Local Records, “o platforma de promovare care vrea sa creeze o comunitate artistica” si sa “descopere noi sunete romanesti”: EP-ul “Schutzhaft”, semnat de Ion si al treilea publicat de Local, aduce in prim plan rigurozitatea technoului si contemplatia interioara. Si e numai bun si pentru ringul de dans.”

all review here

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Ion – Shutzhaft*, review from

LocalRec.Ro returns with the fantastic new Schutzhaft* EP from Ion. Ion Dumitrescu “based himself on the bass” according to the Local Recs’ bio, and you can hear it — nah, you can feel it — listening back to these tracks. To my ears, they hit that sweet spot between deep house and industrial propulsion, off-kilter psychedelic textures meld with steadily menacing beats.

more here

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[LCL03] Ion – Schutzhaft* / September 2010

[LCL00] Buzz.RO 2010 / March 2010