Inner Berlin Promo Mix

promo for the LocalRec.RO Berlin Showcase / September 3rd @ M.I.K.Z

Inner Berlin Promo Mix September 2010 by Local Records

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Inner is a clean and fresh Romanian newcomer that promises to really hit you on the low end. Even though he doesn’t claim to know where his music is coming from, he knows exactly where to take you – in the basement of an abandoned building in Northern Romania and straight into a ritual beasting system. Percussive and bassy, his kicks echo straight into your lungs. Straightforward techno with an acute low-end vibe is what you’re about to get, with the groove set to stun. Inner’s roots come from a team of promoters of the local techno scene called Local Intruders and he signed his first EP on the Romanian netlabel Derivat back in 2009. Whatever the style, he’s sound is organic, even if it’s dark, cold and gloomy. A bit hypnotic, you can tell that he favors the emotional side of 4/4 to the rational rigid techno ensemble. Favoring complicated basslines with a tunneling effect, he will augment your inner ambience into a techno track.

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