The guys from Discoballs mix together synthetic sound and acoustical instruments in a live act hinting at the golden days of electro.  Completely danceable and fresh, their analog bass and continuous groove will make you want more energy in your system from the get go.  You can tell from the first couple of chords that Discoballs has a lot of hours of improvisation and practice behind its live persona. Cooperation is key, and it’s what this band does best. Their sound is a product of four different minds in artistic sync and you are there to enjoy it. Every detail is hand made and the groove is there to keep you moving.  A diversity of rhythms and eclectic, sometimes even oriental, motifs and influences keep your feet on the beat. Perfectly danceable electro with an attitude, Discoballs deliver the right energy to keep you dancing halfway to sunrise.

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[LCL00] Buzz.RO 2010 / March 2010