Cosmin TRG First release of 2011 on Exploited

Cosmin TRG First release of 2011
a remix for Joyce Muniz
on Exploited
out Jan 14

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Cosmin TRG. Liebe Suende/ Sores of Attraction Out Now

Cosmin TRG does it again, serving two heavyweight House heaters for Rush Hour’s Direct Current Series. It’s been simply impossible to ignore this guy’s releases this year; witnessing his metamorphosis into a House music futurist has been an absolute pleasure to witness. This time out he gives the haughty thrust of ‘Liebe Suende’ on the A-side, where it’s all about the kinked kick drums and chopped R’n’B samples, kinda like a hornier version of Ramadanman and Midland’s exploits for Aus. On the flip, ‘Sores Of Attraction’ tucks into a ruder Techno/House burner, erecting majestic chords reminiscent of Theo Parrish’s ‘Overyohead’ around irresistibly moist jack ‘n shuffle rhythms.

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Cosmin TRG @ Fluc Wanne Vienna, LocalRec.RO Showcase

Cosmin TRG – DJ Set @ Fluc Wane, Vienna – Local Records Showcase – 17.09.10 by Local Records

17 of September 2010

LocalRec.RO Showcase @ Fluc Wanne Vienna in cooperation with Tjumy Records & The Usual Suspects, presented by FM4 La Boum Deluxe

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Cosmin TRG – Tower Block, review from

Both of its tracks have the steely, dark intensity of techno, but are too playful and eccentric to be purely heads-down affairs. Full of whoops and rigid, wonky percussion, the unsteady beats of “Tower Block” rock you into a groove all its own and refuse to let go. The term “tribal” tends to be most associated with house and a number of negative connotations, but the unshakable mental image conjured by this music is of a bonfire encircled by villagers banging it out with crude instruments. “Béton Brut” continues in the vein but is even more sinister, with low grumbling and coarse timbres akin to its namesake concrete. But make no mistake, the tribal elements here are far removed from what you might hear on Ibiza, and Tower Block/Béton Brut is far too forward-thinking and compelling to be lumped into any one sound.

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Cosmin TRG, formerly known as TRG is a producer from Romania with a pretty much unpredictable sound. Rush Hour, Bpitch Control, Hessle Audio, Tempa, Hotflush, are just some of the labels Cosmin TRG has worked with in the last recent years. He has brought his unique take on interesting dancefloor music to clubs and festivals including The End, Fabric, Flex, WMF, Sonar, Monegros or the notorious Paris Techno Parade. Cosmin TRG’s remix for Falty DL is out on RushHour, Tower Block & Béton Brut have been released on Hemlock. Here is how he did it:

St. Marks Remix:
When I first heard Falty DL’s St Marks I was instantly hooked. I loved the way he manipulated vocals and beats to create layers and distract your attention. I really wanted to reinterpret and play with those vocals and have them sweep across the main beats, as though they hide and pop up at irregular times.

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[LCL00] Buzz.RO 2010 / March 2010

Fact Magazine, 2010:

“Cosmin TRG (formerly just TRG) is one of those producers who never seemed to have any one particular home base or community. Perhaps it’s being from Romania, or maybe it’s just the fact that his sound is as unpredictable as the labels he’s released on. Rush Hour, Bpitch Control, Hessle Audio, Tempa, Hotflush, are just some of the labels TRG has worked with …”