Alien Pimp @ Fluc Wanne, Vienna, LocalRec.Ro Showcase

Alien Pimp – DJ Set @ Fluc Wane, Vienna – Local Records Showcase – 17-1.09.10 by Local Records

17 of September 2010

LocalRec.RO Showcase @ Fluc Wanne Vienna in cooperation with Tjumy Records & The Usual Suspects, presented by FM4 La Boum Deluxe

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Alien Pimp @ The Chorizo Show on Sub.FM

Friday 27th of August catch Alien Pimp live guesting the infamous Chorizo Show, broadcasted from Barcelona on Sub.Fm starting 22.00h GMT (23.00h in Spain and 24.00h in Romania).

The set will feature some of Alien Pimp’s newest productions, as well as forthcoming material from DubKraft Records and a few of his favorite tunes of the moment, all mashed, chopped and blent into an unique emotional rollercoaster.

Sub.Fm also provides a chat where you will be able to get in touch live with the people in the studio. Be there and support!

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Alien Pimp

What everyone in Bucharest knows about Alien Pimp is that he’s been around for a very long time. Back in ’96 he cofounded NSK, one of the first successful electronic music project in Romania. From techno grooves to low motion house and kinetic dubstep, Silviu Costinescu’s music today is all about bass, spirit and character. He founded DubKraft Records as an output for the creative electronic bass music around the world  and for his very own syncopated menagerie.  Abrupt synth stabs etched into irregular rhythmical patterns and a sub bass headed straight for your gut.  The cosmic background’s right there, halfway between 4/4 and arrhythmic, bending your knees to the beat. Deep, inventive and always coming up with fresh sonic details, Alien Pimp released or is about to release records with DubKraft as well as labels such as Cylon, MJazz and Translation.  He doesn’t say no to house or techno but what he really loves is the low end. Blues for robots in which, in Silviu’s own words, the sub bass goes without saying.

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